BWD Fabrics is just getting started building our blog website and we need your help.  We want to fill this blog up with lots of fun things and we can’t do it alone.  If you’re looking for a creative outlet to share in, keep reading…

Whether you like to sew, craft, decorate, or do anything else with fabric, we are looking for people like YOU who are interested in joining the BWD Fabrics Creative Team!

Join the BWD Fabrics Creative Team

We are looking for people interested in contributing the following:

  • Sewing Tutorials & Sew-Alongs
  • Crafting Tutorials
  • Home Decor Tutorials
  • Holiday-Related Tutorials
  • Sewing Pattern Reviews (free and paid)
  • Sewing Pattern Roundups
  • Sewing Book Reviews
  • Sewing Technique and Machine (Serger, Coverstitch, Embroidery, etc) Tutorials
  • Sewing supplies Reviews
  • Any other fun ideas we may come up with

Why do we need help?:

If you’ve interacted with us on FaceBook or read the About Us page, you know that BWD Fabrics is a very small business.  Our family of followers is growing and we want to provide LOTS of content, but we can only do so much.  We want to keep focusing on bringing you great fabrics at great prices and we know you have some fabulous ideas to share with the world, so we need you.

What are we looking for in a contributor?:

We are looking for someone who loves to create, loves to share, and has a great personality that shines through in their writing style.  You must be able to take great photographs, ideally with a DSLR or at least a fairly good camera and an eye for getting a nice picture.  You’ll need to submit your photos ahead of time.  Knowledge of how to use WordPress for creating your blogs is not a must (because we can teach you), but it’s preferable.  We are looking for team members who are good self-starters, have original and creative ideas, are responsible, drama-free, communicate well, and can meet deadlines and obligations.

What’s in it for me if I become a contributor?

Currently, contributing on BWD Fabrics blog is not a paid position.  This may be re-evaluated in the future.  However, you will have other perks.  We offer our team members an ongoing discount in our store.  If you have your own blog, sew to sell, or you are a pattern designer, you will also be gaining some extra exposure to your own store and/or brand (similarly to the above example post).

What exactly do we expect from a contributor?

If chosen, you will be required to submit a minimum of one original post per month.  You can commit to more for a better discount in our store or possibly some other rewards.  No more than one post per month per contributor should be a pattern or idea round-up or book review.  You must use your own photographs and use and link to BWD Fabrics products in any post (unless it’s something like a simple round-up of patterns or a sewing supply that is not sold in our store).  We expect you to have good writing skills (we all make mistakes, but proper grammar and spelling is important).  We will add in our own affiliate links where applicable, as well as links to other posts within our site when able.  Here is an example of a type of post that we’re looking for (fun post, nice tutorial, great pictures, very Pinterest-worthy).

Where do I apply?

Fill out the form below. Showcase your best work – what makes YOU shine. We can’t wait to see your amazing creativity!