BWD Vendor Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:


The BWD Vendor Team membership is based on a number of criteria.

  1. All members are required to pay a yearly fee. Membership will be invoiced through PayPal and is due on the last day before the start of the year (or quarter if joining mid-year).
  2. The BWD Vendor Team reviews open applications for membership four times per calendar year, with newly approved memberships starting at the beginning of each quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1).
    • 2a. Membership fees are prorated based on which quarter member joined. With all members paying the yearly fee at the new year.
    • 2b. Members who choose to cancel their membership mid-year will be refunded a pro-rated amount based on the number of complete remaining quarters in the year. Members who are removed from the group due to violating membership rules will not be refunded for their membership fee.
  3. Application will consist of a store review by the BWD Team membership committee.
    • 3a. The BWD Vendor Team asks that members are makers of items that are baby, kid, and mom related. (We understand that there may be times that your individual store is “empty” and that some of you only take custom orders. We need to be able to see what you sell though.) Our team store will be primarily geared toward these things, but we will allow other items in our team stockings.
    • 3b. As members of the BWD Team, we ask that members uphold all internationally recognized copyright laws.
    • 3c. The BWD Team values original work. We encourage members to create original patterns, use unique fabric combinations, or have unique interpretations of traditional designs.
  4. If invited to become a member of the BWD Vendor Team, you will be asked to pay the annual or pro-rated annual fee prior to the new quarter. You will be given access to the team FaceBook group, a BWD Fabrics discount code, and all other benefits of membership as they develop. Access will begin on the first day of the quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1).
    • 4a. Members may asked to be active in the BWD Team by participating in Challenges and working on Committees. Committees include: Marketing & Promotion, Membership, Team Challenges. Other committees may be created as the need arises.
  5. Membership in the BWD Vendor Team is voluntary. Members may be removed from the BWD Team for the following:
    • 5a. Non-payment of Team dues. If payment is not received on time, the membership invoice will be canceled and you will be allowed to re-join the BWD Team (as a new member) during our quarterly membership review, by submitting a new membership application.
    • 5b. Abusive email/forum posting regarding another member in any BWD Vendor Team or other forum (Etsy, Flickr, Blogger, WordPress, FaceBook, etc).
    • 5c. Consistent non-participation in committees, challenges, or other stockings.
    • 5d. Misappropriation of another member’s design.
    • 5e. Unresolved customer complaints or chargebacks.
  6. BWD Team will have regular stockings of team member items. Team members will be paid directly by the customers.
  7. Customer complaints coming in to BWD Team will be directed to the individual vendors/team members involved. You will be expected to work with your customers regarding un-received items, damaged items, etc.


Stocking – This is when items are listed as available for sale in our Hyenacart store.
BWD Team or Best WAHM Diapers Team – This refers to the Best WAHM Diapers company, not it’s individual team members.
Team – This refers to the individual team/group members (the team as a whole).